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Mainbridge Offshore offer a full security service under the newly issued memorandum of understanding from the Nigerian Navy. The service provides a full legal armed escort vessels with the local navy, bringing peace of mind to all clients.”

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Incorporated in 2013 in Nigeria under the name “Port 2 Port West Africa Limited,” the Company has successfully operated as a private maritime security company in the West Africa space ever since.

In June 2019, the Company was re-organised and re-branded as “Mainbridge Offshore West Africa Limited.” As part of the re-organisation, the Company entered into a joint venture with an Amsterdam-based Maritime business leading to the creation of an international arm of the Group, named “Mainbridge Offshore BV.” With this structure, the Group now boasts of a dexterous mix of local & international capacity, compliance, knowledge and delivery expertise in one package.

Mainbridge Offshore is an affiliate company to the Mainbridge Group. Mainbridge Group is an emerging diversified, pan-African multi-commodities trading group focused on the development of trading opportunities in Agriculture, Petroleum & Minerals sectors underpinned by a growing logistics footprint provided by Mainbridge Offshore.


‘Our mission is to establish reassurance and trust with all our clients when delivering all our security and logistics services, while still maintaining a high quality level of service’


Our vision is to ethically and legitimately support all our clients with their shipping and offshore activities in West Africa. In a complex environment it is our aim to offer a week co-ordinated and transparent service that reassures stakeholders there assets are well protected and serviced in the region.

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