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Suite 961, 9th Floor, Western House,8/10 Broad Street,Lagos,Nigeria

Commenced career in the National Health Service (UK) in 1989 as a Trainee Accountant.

Transitioned into industry and Commerce sector notably taking roles in Blue Chip companies such as Gillette, Barclays Bank, Woolworths and director level role as Vice President - Business Yield at MBNA Europe.

Ade then moved into private business as a principal as co-Founder & Equity partner in Sowatiin, An Accountancy & Business Consulting Firm.Led the Roll up of Sowatin’s capabilities into the middle and back office functions of Mainbridge Capital in 2018. Member of various Accountancy & Bookkeeping bodies and the Institute of Directors (UK). Ade holds various non-executive Directorships in a number of UK & Nigeria companies.