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Suite 961, 9th Floor, Western House,8/10 Broad Street,Lagos,Nigeria

Fidelis Omozuapo is an investment risk advisor. He plays a leading role in providing intelligence-led advice to governments, corporates and HNWIs on commercial, security, governance and political risks in Africa.

He is an expert in identifying, assessing and mitigating compliance and regulatory risks in key and non-key markets across Africa.

He was head of Africa at a leading London-based risk advisory firm AEGIS Advisory Limited and later Director of Operations for the EMEA Region at IPSA International Inc.

He now leads a team of analysts and senior analysts in a leading global US investment risk advisory firm Exiger. The end users of the intelligence-led advise and insights he provides are C-Suite executives whose companies have either a commercial, governance or security exposure in Africa, Latin America and in the Middle East.