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Philip Obiechina


Director, Logistics Division


+ 234 901 242 5917

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Suite 961, 9th Floor, Western House,8/10 Broad Street,Lagos,Nigeria

Philip has over 25 years of experience as a Derivatives Trader and has an extensive background in Commodities Arbitrage and Risk Mitigation.

Philip ran a portfolio running into several million dollars with Everest Capital Ltd and Decca Partners Ltd. Philip was a Co-Founder of Cross Harbour Partners a Strategic Consulting group that handled a lot of advisory and facilitatory roles in the Sub Saharan market one of which was the facilitation of several large Chinese companies in their discussions  the Nigerian Government on Large Infrastructure Investments.

He also Co-founded Astra Petroleum an oil trading firm that had a listing contract with the SIR Refinery Abidjan. Philip has been active in the Maritime Sector and Logistics Sector in the Gulf of Guinea as an adviser to firms seeking to mitigate their risk while doing business in the sector while increasing their logistic capacity.