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In order to operate in a challenging environment, it is of the utmost importance that businesses are both advised and trained by expertise in the field they operate.

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Accredited International Standards


Mainbridge Offshore understand that it in order for businesses to operate successfully in challenging environments it is imperative that personnel are trained to accredited international standards.

Mainbridge’s multifaceted approach not only provides the expertise of training it also has a team of experts that can consult on Risk’s, Security, and Training all of which hold a wealth knowledge in the West African region.


Mainbridge provides both accredited and non-accredited training for the maritime security sector in West Africa. Mainbridge take a systematic approach to determine the needs and fir for the training requirement. Our team take a four-step approach to ensure end to end support:


In an interconnected world, risk is prevalent in day to day operations of businesses. The risk is then heightened when operating in challenging and complex environments. Mainbridge Offshore’s consultancy adheres to the ISO 31000 risk management framework to identify, analyse, evaluate, and treat risks to clients operations.


Whether it be an asset, personnel, or cybersecurity our teams have comprehensive experience operating in the West African region. This provides us with the current threats and risks which may cause business interruption to your operations. Our security consultancy includes both onshore and offshore capabilities to provide you with a peace of mind whilst business operations are being conducted.

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